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Extra-Curricular Activities


Fine Arts Association

The Fine Arts association provides students with opportunities to develop their talents in the various arts like drama, dance, music, elocution and other forms of fine arts. Students are encouraged to take part in the various Fine Arts festivals and competitions that are held from time to time in and around this university area.


All India Catholic University Federation (AICUF) helps the students to gain maturity through leadership I camps, street plays, awareness camps, etc., so that they can involve themselves fully in the task of ushering in a positive social change.


All India Association for Christian Higher Education (AIACHE) plays a pivotal role in promoting research and training. It helps poor students and researchers I financially. It sponsors various personality development seminars to the students and teachers and extends chances to participate in the centrally arranged seminars and workshops.

Women's Development

Women's Development Forum

This forum provides the women students with an awareness on women rights and problems faced by them and suggest solutions. Underthe auspices of the women's development forum various seminars and cultural programmes are arranged exclusively for the women students.

Anti Eve-Teasting Cell

This college ensures full-proof protection to the women students from any form of Eve-teasing There is an Anti-Eve-teasing cell that goes into the complaints lodged by the women students and guarantees immediate and stringent action against any such acts that were proved determinant to the interest of the women students.

Anti-Ragging Cell

Ragging is a menace in the Educational institutions to be eradicated at any cost. The Anti- Ragging Cell in the campus monitors and deals with any complaint of such nature and recommends to the Principal the action to be taken to curb ragging in any form.

Guidance and Counselling Cell

Guidance and Counselling Cell

There is a guidance and counselling cell in the college with two trained counsellors. Students are invited to discuss their problems related to their study, personal needs etc. The Career guidance and placement cell creates awareness among the students of UG and PG Courses about the avenues open to them to get employment. It also provides available information about the job and workshops and current job market and mobilizes resources forthe needy students to apply for jobs and start enterprises etc.

Consumer Forum

Consumer Forum gives ample awareness to the students on the consumer rights and various remedial measures to combat the injustice done to the consumers In various forms.

Youth Red Cross Society

Youth Red Cross society aims at fostering the ideals of human right and selfless service in the people It keeps a record of the blood group of almost all the students and donates blood to the genuine needy patients if they approach through properchannel.



Eco-Club is formed with the aim of giving training to the students in environmental awareness and preparing them to act as agents for environmental protection. It teaches them to live in harmony with nature and to develop a love for it.

Red Ribbon Club

This College alarms the future generation of this area over the impending danger of the killer disease "AIDS". Students are motivated to wage a war against Al DS by conducting street plays, poster presentation and other mass contact programmes.